Aluminum Siding Painting

February 23, 2017by adminExterior Painting

Aluminum siding was introduced in the United States in the 1940’s and quickly became a preferred low-maintenance alternative to the wood clapboard siding that had been prevalently used on homes up to that time.  The benefits of aluminum siding were that it was lightweight, relatively easy to install, and since the paint finish was baked-on the maintenance costs associated with it were low..

But as many people have found out, there are some problems that are inherent with this type of product.  First of all, the coating that is baked on the surface to add color to the siding has the same issues that cheap latex paints have – it chalks and fades like crazy.

The good news is that, when properly prepared, paint sticks very well to aluminum siding.  And painting your home is much cheaper than replacing your siding. Luckily House & Condo Painters can help get your aluminum exterior looking like new again.

Why Hire Us?

–Before painting your aluminum siding, we perform a powerful water-scrape to remove years of chalk build-up from the aluminum siding.

–We repair damaged planks, holes and dents and remove caulking of expansion joints in order to create a flat and even surface for painting.

–We mask and protect all the surrounding surfaces such as the roof, windows, back and side doors, patio and patio furniture.

–We spray paint your siding with our aluminum coating for even and full coverage and when dry, remove all masking. Where necessary, we finish the look by applying new colour-matching.

–We do a final clean-up and make sure your property is as clean as it was when our team first arrived!

–We’ve created a way for you to paint your aluminum siding for a like-new finish and long-lasting results… all at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Are you ready to give your old aluminum siding home looks new again?

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