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February 15, 2017by adminInterior Painting

With many years of experience in the Toronto Condo Painting industry, you can rest assured your local House & Condo Painters, will understand your condo & townhouse painting needs.

Thinking of painting your condo & townhouse in Toronto & GTA? Read this first

Painting your condo & townhouse can add interest to your living space, and it can be done more easily than you might think. Often times new condos and townhouses will have bland builders paint in an uninspired beige or off-white color. You deserve better than that! A fresh coat will not only add sorely needed color, but add durability and wash ability as well, making day to day life easier.

Interior condo painting is a very simple project – and not at all physically demanding — when you can move freely within a room. Why wait till later when you may have to move heavy furniture from side to side, or work around big items, to do your painting? Moreover, adding a new coat of paint makes any home seem cleaner, fresher, more welcoming, and best of all…More “yours”. To keep your paint job looking great, we recommends the use of top quality 100% acrylic latex paint; it will produce a more stain resistant finish that will look new-home fresh for years to come.

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Our painting services focus on: Condos & Townhouses Painting

**Providing a great value for your money

**Delivering a full range of services: from detail and quality to volume and productivity

**Evaluating your painting needs and establishing project specifications

**Meeting the demands of every job according to you requirements and budget using a variety of painting methods, i.e. brushes, rollers and spray


House & Condo Painters are well versed in customer service and trained to respond and take care of any concerns the customer may have during our townhouse & condo painting projects.

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