How to Consider When do Your Garage Floor Coatings

August 20, 2015by adminBlog

Post by: House & Condo Painters

Garage floors withstand a lot of use and abuse over the years; your vehicle may leak oil or drag in salt from the road. Due to the porous nature of concrete, homeowners should consider garage floor coatings such as: epoxy paints, stains and sealers.

1.Easier to clean

2.Hides cracks and surface problems

3.Available in a variety of colors

4.Looks brand new and cleaner

5.Protects against future damage from oil leaks, chemical spills, road salt and moisture

Epoxies can provide you with the toughest floor if properly prepared and applied. You cannot drive on newly epoxied floor for the first week. Epoxies leave you with a beautiful glossy look. For a more exciting look, you can also use mix-in pigments, color chips and other add-ins to achieve special visual effects.

Concrete stain gives concrete the look of natural stone; it is a coloring rather than a coating. Therefore after it dries a urethane sealer must be applied to protect against moisture, chemicals and stains. It is not maintenance free, depending on the amount of traffic your floor gets, follow-up maintenance and reapplication may be needed every year or two.

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