Popcorn and Stucco Removal

February 11, 2017by adminInterior Painting

Popcorn and Stucco Removal

Up to about 10 years ago, stucco or otherwise known as “popcorn” ceilings have been the trend.  But things are changing.   The new trend is for cleaner, simpler, and more finished areas, hence the need flat ceilings.  Most stucco can be removed without requiring major reconstruction of your ceiling. Popcorn and stucco removal can be a messy and time-consuming job for one person but the result is the flat smooth ceiling of your dreams.  This is where House & Condo Painters Inc. comes in and we can fulfill that need for flat ceilings.

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Popcorn ceiling or stucco removal is one of the most cost effective ways to rejuvenate your home. Nothing dates your home like textured popcorn ceilings. New smooth, bright ceilings will brighten and beautify your Dunkirk 2017 trailer

No more popcorn, unless you’re consuming a bucket drenched in butter at a movie theater.

Let’s make that happen, it’s time to terminate your popcorn ceiling.

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