Should I Buy The Paint Before My Painting Contractor Arrives?

March 5, 2017by adminBlog

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1.Start the prep and paint process as soon as arrival time

An Estimator’s job is to assess the amount of work to be performed and by how many crew members but more importantly how much time he estimates it would take to complete the job. In order to complete your painting project in a timely manner the more pieces of the puzzle are there, the more efficient everything moves along. Having the paint ready ensures that there will be no unnecessary trips to your local paint store; this saves time for your contractor and therefore the project can be completed sooner.

2.You know exactly what color(s)/sheen(s) you want used

Some of us have a great sense of color combination with textures and such while the rest of us need a little expert assistance in this area. Knowing exactly what will be used in sense of color, textures, and sheens for example, speed up the initial walk-thru. The confidence you show in these essential painting decisions, again moves the project completion sooner.


1.Your painting contractor knows the QUALITY of paint you need for your project

Paint is fascinating! Not only is it a beautiful finish to any kind of project, but also has other useful features such as protecting your wood. By sealing it from excessive moisture in the winter/wet season, you are taking precautions preventing costly repairs. Don’t replace it, paint it. For example, Resilience from Sherwin Williams is designed to develop resistance to moisture in just two hours rather than the four-hour minimum most other coatings require. It also carries a mildew resistant coating and a low temperature application down to 35°F.

2. Your contractor knows what sheen of paint to use in the different areas in your home

From the lowest sheen to the highest gloss, they each have a purpose and a place where they should belong.

Kitchens are better off with a very high gloss as they tend to be messier with grease, foods, and the day to day wear and tear. Ideally we want to be able to clean this and a high gloss allows you to do this with ease.

Bathrooms are also recommended to be painted with a very high gloss. Have you ever noticed spots on your bathroom ceiling? As the moisture trapped in your bathroom after multiple showers slowly accumulates it causes mildew build-up. This mildew build-up is then slowly breathed in and with any inhaled fungi, can cause respiratory infections.  Using a high gloss in a bathroom permits us to prevent mildew build-up by having these easily cleaning properties. The higher the sheen the better the walls are able to be cleaned.

On the other hand, we have flat paints and everything in between. Flat paints have more pigments which absorb more light helping them hide more imperfections on the walls. Flatter paints are usually used in hallways, bedrooms, family rooms and so on. Although they have a much more intense color they are close impossible to clean, touch ups would be the way to go if there were accidents, scuffs, or crayon drawings on walls.

3. No color consultation or color suggestions

As with the quantity and quality suggestions for your paint your contractor can give you, our contractors also specialize in determining the colors that will work with your lighting and your space as they drastically affect the end results of the final color. When in doubt, ask us now.

4. No contractor’s discount

Some may or may not know that your Painting Contractor probably has an account with your local paint store. Many contractors have multiple accounts open with different paint suppliers. This helps them but broaden their options to provide you with.

In all, there are many things to keep in mind to help make your painting experience as smooth and effective as possible but keep in mind that your House & Condo Painters Inc. is more than happy to and able to answer any questions that may arise.

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