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February 12, 2017by adminInterior Painting

At House & Condo Painters, we are a Toronto painting company that specializes in windows painting and doors painting. From large bay windows to bedroom doors, we paint all types of interior doors and window frames.


Windows and doors painting are not easy task, and requires special skills, equipment and specific paints to ensure optimal results. Our team of professional painters have done countless doors painting and windows painting in our many years of service, and will make sure to apply the necessary paint solution, having your space looking like new again!  

Why Hire Us?

First, we come to your home or business and assess your needs and provide information about any necessary restoration needed, the proper types of paints required and provide colour samples that fit with your existing or new style.

During the painting process, we make sure that all surfaces are clear of excess paint and debris before applying your chosen paint colour. We ensure that your window painting and door painting is completed with extreme care, removing all doorknobs and surrounding belonging from the area to avoid any potential splatter or damage. As well, we always use drop sheets around all areas of work to ensure no paint or debris is transferred to the floor.

At the end, we make sure that all our paint is applied thoroughly, consistently, and provide the best colour intensity you desire! We make sure that the job is done right, looks great, and ensure that we leave your home in a clean and respectful state!

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