The Right Paint Color Can Increase Your Home Value

July 8, 2015by adminBlog

Posted by House & Condo Painters

Getting a new color of paint for your house can be a lot of fun. You’ll feel better coming home every day to a house that looks the best it can be. Paint color can improve your mood.

If you’re thinking about selling your home, try to fresh your home with a neutral color s. These neutral colors have a wide appeal. Buyers might give more price thought to how the paint color.  It absolutely can affect the selling price. Here’s how colors affect selling prices.

Kitchen: Wheat Yellow is signature, “warm neutral”, apparently and a great paint color for a kitchen. Homes with yellow kitchens sell for an average premium of $1,500 when compared with all other homes controlled for similar features. One surprising find: Even though white kitchens are often featured in home decorating magazines, these colors come off as sterile or cold to home buyers, painting a kitchen white did not increase a home’s selling price.

Bedroom: Painting a bedroom with light green can increase a selling price by an average of $1,300.Choosing the right paint color here can be a challenge since the bedroom is the most personal room in the house. Think about that, after all day work, bedroom is ONLY place you may relax your mind. For sure, you might prefer a more soothing paint color.

Living room: According some report that home with dove or light-grey paint sold for an average premium of $1,120. The worst shade is orange. Homes with terra-cotta-colored living rooms sold for an average of $850 less than other homes.  

Bathroom: The color of bathrooms didn’t have a great impact on the selling price. Even so, we may say that the best colors are tans, such as oatmeal or beige. Homes with bathrooms painted in those shades sold for an average of $295 more than other houses. As we found that dark-brown bathrooms— think of Tuscan-style shades—sell for an average of $550 less than other homes.

Dining room: Purple might be the best choice. Lavender, mauve, or eggplant sold for $1,200 more than other houses. You might want to stay away from grey paint, since the research noted that homes with slate or dark-grey dining rooms sold for $1,500 less than other similar houses.

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