Staircase Painting & Staining

February 2, 2017by adminInterior Painting

Staircase painting is a great way to instantly update your home. Leave the spindles and banister white and strip and stain the stair treads (steps) like your floor or a little darker. Repaint the stair risers (vertical surfaces) white and either paint or stain the handrail even darker than the risers. This will result in a clean, finished staircase.

Our high end staircase painting is done by brush, combining Shellac primer with self-leveling waterborne alkyd paint to leave a glass like finish. The entire process creates little to no odors or inconvenience.

Painting your spindles, handrails, stringers and riser is the most popular alternative to replacing or re-staining them. The re-staining process is extremely labour extensive, which make professionally painted spindles and handrails the most cost effective solution. A fine painting job is all it takes to completely transform this major area of your home into a beautiful (and often used) area of your home.

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