Different Paint Color & Its different Effects

November 11, 2015by adminBlog

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Does color really have an impact on your mood? Many experts and designers think so. Below are some of the most commonly used paint color believed to stimulate mood, comfort and health?


  • RED

Red can raise a room’s energy level, stir excitement and conversations, and it is said to raise blood pressure and speed heart rate.  According to some reports, since red is such a happy and stimulating color it is often used in restaurants. Designers recommend using red in places such as hallways, libraries, living room and dining room.


Green is said to be the most restful paint color to the eye. It takes us back to nature and has a calming effect when used as the main paint color. It is also believed to release stress, offer comfort and togetherness and affect your productivity – something to consider when painting your office or work area in your home.


It’s the perfect color for your work out area; its vivid color produces stimulation and enthusiasm. It increases oxygen supply to the brain and is believed to increase energy levels. When considering orange to be used in the gym area or play area make sure to use in bright variations since darker shades can stimulate the appetite, the complete opposite of what your goal might be.  Orange can be used in any area that you want excitement, high energy levels, and lots of fun.


Better known as the royalty color, purple symbolizes wealth and luxury.  Designers suggest eggplant purple to stimulate the creative part of the brain. Lighter shades of purple are good in restrooms and spa/relaxation rooms since it brings up a sense of rest and peacefulness. It’s better when used as an accent or secondary paint color and not as the main color. Thinking of having your own mini spa at home? Then lavender would be just the right color to consider.


It’s ideal for kitchens, dining rooms, halls, and bathrooms. Some designers suggest not using it as the main color scheme but rather as an accent color or lighter shades of yellow throughout the home. Some studies have shown that babies seem to cry more when used in darker shades and large amounts since it can create frustration and anger.

  • BLUE

It can produce a calming, relaxing, and serene environment. It is also believed to bring down blood pressure and slow respiration and heart rate.  Warmer blues go best in family rooms, large kitchens, and living rooms. It can also be good as the main paint color (in softer shades) darker shades can evoke sadness.

Next time you decide to paint your home or work place, think of how you may want to “feel” rather than what color is trending. Knowing just a bit more of paint coloring will definitely give you a better idea of what to look for in the paint store.

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