Stucco Ceiling Repair And Painting

February 10, 2017by adminInterior Painting

Let our professional painters transform the look of your stucco by stucco ceiling repair and painting. Whether you want to just freshen up the look of the stucco with a fresh coat of paint or you are looking to change the colour and go for a whole new look, House & Condo Painters can help.


Advantages of Stucco Ceiling Repair and Painting:

—Can add character to a room

—Can match your new home decorating choices, and keep things fresh and bright (and cobweb-free) with just a new coat of white paint

—Can improve the air quality in your home

—Can boost the water barrier and fight the growth of mold in your walls

—Can extending the life of the existing stucco


If you are looking to repair or paint stucco. Please contact House & Condo Painters now (647)-222-7393 for a free cost estimate.

We are fast, clean, efficient, and take great pride in our work.



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