Tips for Painting Children’s Rooms When You Do House & Condo Painting

March 7, 2017by adminBlog

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Painting your child’s room can sound like a lot of fun; however, there are many things that go into creating a great children’s room when you do house painting.

The multitude of colors available can be overwhelming and house painting is not only about applying the paint, there’s also a lot of preparation work that needs to be done to get a good result.

 Here are a few things you might like to take into account before starting to paint a child’s room.

1.Babies & young children

Newborn and small babies only have black and white vision. So from their point of view, it doesn’t matter what color you choose!

Select colors that you like, that are soothing and restful to you. With very young children it is you will be you looking at the walls as you try to get them to feed, or sleep or stop crying!

2. Color choices

Different colors have different effects on people:

  • Orange promotes a feeling of comfort and well-being, and green is calming, nurturing and enhances concentration.
  • Lavenders, lilacs and pinks are also calming; while brown helps grounding and all of these are great nursery colors.
  • Red is passionate and emotional, and yellow, while cheerful and energizing can be agitating in babies, and both should be used with caution and only as accent colors.
  • Blue is healing and cooling and while grey promotes thought, it can also cause sadness
  • White is hard to clean and can promote secretiveness, while black is dominant and powerful, and both should be used sparingly

3. Ask your child

Older children can be involved in the choice of colors and decoration of their room. However don’t be tempted to allow free range, but do include their choices of colors at least in small doses!

4. Color that grow

Unless you want to repaint regularly, consider choosing colors that will grow with your child. Neutral wall shades with one wall of a more intense color and contrasting woodwork can be transformed easily.

5.Choose Professional Painters

Painting requires preparation and patience to achieve a good finish so be prepared for sanding, filling, cleaning, we suggest that get a professional house painting service in.

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