Tips For Protecting Your Exterior Commercial Painting Job

February 20, 2016by adminBlog

Posted by House & Condo Painters

Repainting your commercial business depends on four major factors: getting the first job paint done right and using quality paint, choosing the right colors, pressure washing every year, and touch ups. It is recommended for doing the exterior commercial painting every 5-7 years, knowing exactly when to repaint your business will help in maintaining its visual appeal and preserving its value. Below we have listed four major points that will help you in keeping your building looking like new all year long.


  • Getting a good paint job, the first time around:

Before maintenance, touch ups and pressure washing you must make sure that the paint job is done right the first time. Investing a bit more in the beginning will take the paint job a long way and you might not need a full repaint job for a very long time. A good paint job means making sure that all the prep work is done right and the right type of paint is used. Tony (General Manager at House & Condo Painters) suggests using Elastomeric paint because its thick coating forms a durable tough film that provides a water proof coating to almost any structure. It is also resistant to sunlight, heat, cold and rain. This type of paint will last longer and protect your building from cracks and peeling. Elastomeric paint is our number one choice; however there is less coverage per gallon meaning that more paint would be required. If you decide to go with standard paint, we suggest a low sheen satin finish for the body this will help retain the color longer and it will not allow dirt to stick as easy making it easier to clean when scheduling a pressure wash. Sheen is a protective coating that will help in preserving the paint and fading.

  • Choosing the right colors:

Lighter colors are always recommended as a first choice because they will last longer. Darker colors will fade faster, absorb more heat and will need a repaint job sooner because damage is more noticeable. Dark greens and browns tent to fade the most, and because darker colors fade faster they are more difficult to touch up. Paint can make a huge difference in estimating, high quality paint is not cheap. At House & Condo Painters, we tend to be at the higher range of price due to our commitment to use high quality paints, especially on exterior commercial painting.

  • Pressure washing on a regular basis:

We recommend pressure washing your building at every one to two years (depending on location, surroundings, and weather conditions). This will extend the life of the paint because it will remove the dirt that eats through the paint. It will also remove any mold or mildew build up and spider webs making your building looking like new and clean all year long. Pressure washing is quick and inexpensive. Touch ups: Repainting the areas with most exposure to sun will make your commercial building look fresh and new. Regardless of the paint used, heat and extreme weather conditions can affect tremendously the look of the paint. Touch ups can help in fixing small paint jobs and a lower cost.
If you need an exterior commercial paint job or have any questions about your paint job, please give House & Condo Painters a call. One of our experienced professionals will come to your location and answer any questions you may have.

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