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Interior home painting


All prep materials, covering and garbage will be removed and disposed of.


Every completed painting job is inspected for quality by the project manager or managing director of the House and Condo Painters and you will get a chance to review it.
Our crew follow’s every detail of this process, using top quality equipment, paint, and backed by our experience to ensure a flawless finish. For your next painting project, leave the details to the House and Condo Painters team to leave you home with a perfect look every time.


Regardless of the damage, its size, our team provides seamless integration of new and old drywall, in preparation for painting. House & Condo Painters Inc. always use high quality drywall, tape and putty, to ensure that the drywall solution is firmly planted into the existing structure – this ensures your drywall won’t crack or bend over time. While DIY’S look easy we highly suggest you leave this work for the pros to obtain optimal results!



Crown moulding and trim add contrast to any space. It visually breaks walls up and allows for a more comprehensive colour palette. Because crown moulding is usually an intricate design and trim experiences a high volume of traffic, it is imperative that both trim and crown moulding are regularly maintained. It helps define walls and makes the walls and ceilings look complete. Painting trim gives the illusion that the home is brighter as it adds a fresh white to the space. Picking the right kind of paint is the most important factor when painting trim and crown moulding. That is why it should be entrusted to professionals.


Cabinet painting and staining requires professional care so they can have the durability to remain the same and withstand their wear and tear. The greatest advantage to painting your kitchen cabinets is the finish. Painting your kitchen cabinets offers you the opportunity to change the entire look of your kitchen, gives you artistic freedom, and cleans up your space.


Wallpaper’s shelf life is long, it is considered very durable in comparison to paint which often needs retouching or repainting every two to five years (depending on children, pets, traffic, etc). Wallpaper sets a mood, you the creator has the option to choose between an infinite amount of colours and patterns.

Despite the pros, wallpaper might need to be removed because it has aged, loosened from the walls or has been damaged as a result of humidity.

REMINDER: It is always better to remove wallpaper to get a smooth clean wall, before decorating and painting.


It is imperative to know if the popcorn ceiling has been previously painted or not, this will determine the scope of work as well as the price. Popcorn ceilings should always be removed by a professional as you can be exposed to the fibers as well as if you are not sure if there is asbestos (requires testing). Removing popcorn ceiling will allow you to get rid of the texture dated aesthetic and open up your space to a modern feel.

Popcorn ceiling usually breaks off if the painting process is not handled with care. With that said, if the ceiling has never been painted before then spray painting is the best option, is quicker and just as precise, leaving the ceiling looking brand new.


We provide competitive rates for your flooring needs.
Epoxy flooring is the preferred choice for all around spaces (business, offices, restaurants etc) as it has an elegants, is durable and very affordable. Due to the extent of the wear and tear in commercial spaces and garages, as well as abrasions and spills, epoxy flooring is the most ideal.

The greatest advantage is that it is easy to clean, no matter the spill.

It is non-toxic, withstands extreme heat, and is slip-resistant.

Polished and Colourful
Epoxy looks smooth, professional, and beautiful. You can choose whatever design, the options are endless. All for an extremely reasonable price, the floors will last a lifetime.


Kitchen cabinet staining allows the wood natural features to be showcased that strikes a good balance between colour and texture. Stain is also much easier to touch up and usually is more cost efficient, unless customized.
Unfortunately staining your kitchen cabinetry will also expose all of the wood’s blemishes and does not look as good as paint on MDF as it does not stain as well as it takes paint.


Although it may seem like a small change, painting the doors inside your home can change the entire aesthetic of your space creating an entirely new look. From discolored, damaged, or a fresh white coat, the personality of your space can be amped up with a modern feel, or an accent colour adding texture and character to your home.

A well-painted front door looks amazing, it offers string surface protection and value and is much more cost effective than staining. It allows you artistic freedom as well as the ability to change the look of your home with a quick coat of paint.


House and Condo Painters has made painting your house or condo so much easier, faster, and with less disruption. Our 1 day painting service ensures efficiency, while maintaining our high quality work.

We eliminate long duration projects that disrupt your personal and professional lives, as well as using low VOC paints to ensure minimal to zero fumes as well as protect our environment.

Contact us and we will create a proposal designed for your unique situation. Outlining project details such as, scope of work, paints, as well as to determine how many laborers will be needed to make our 1 day painting service possible and completed with perfection.



Commercial painting requires a demanding, disciplined and focussed approach from start to finish. House and Condo Painters professionals deliver immaculate results on every project, ensuring time efficiency as well as cost effectiveness. With experience painting multi-residential units, as well as offices, parking lots, franchises, House and Condo Painters knows how to work alongside you, on budget, on schedule, and most importantly on your time. In addition to painting services, we also provide building maintenance and sustainability services which include mini renovations (washroom, drywall repairs, kitchen etc).

For each project, you will be dealing directly with House and Condo Painters directing manager, or project manager to ensure that our clients feel fully supported, all their needs are met and that we deliver exactly what they need.


Sherwin Williams

Urbane Bronze (SW 7048)

This rich, warming shade lends a confident air of calm and comfort to a scheme which, in the current climate, is a very welcome addition to any home.

Benjamin Moore

Aegean Teal (2136-40)

Marries the tranquil nature of blue with green’s association with wellness, while a gray undertone keeps the color modern

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